Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Live Your Truth

This week I found myself living out the consequences of decisions I made many years ago. Instead of being authentic, I was amicable. Too fearful to create waves, I simply sailed wherever the wind blew. I essentially handed the responsibility of my well-being to others by assessing their comfort as more important than my emotional health. I entertained toxic, traumatic relationships simply because we shared a bloodline. My previous attempts to break ties were discouraged and unsuccessful. I’m certain that my refusal to continue down this senseless path will be problematic also, but the alternative has become impossible.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve been increasingly attracted to peace. However, without realizing it, I had been settling for partial peace. Not only was that absurd, but this particular area of my life was the one that demanded peace the most intensely. I will never walk in genuine peace unless I am willing to do all that it takes to be at peace. Even if it upsets those I’ve appeased for many years. Even if that means being misunderstood. Even if that creates separation. The pursuit of peace—my well-being—is worth more than the discomfort associated with upsetting others, being misunderstood, and potential separation.

Not everyone will understand all of your decisions. You are uniquely motivated by your experiences and purpose. Nothing is worth living a half-hearted, fabricated life. Not the reactions of others. Not fear. Not uncertainty. Not hard work. Nothing and no thing. Make the steps necessary to live freely and fully. Living your truth is not always easy, but living outside of it is intolerable.

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