Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Embrace Impossibility

Two years ago I sat with a professor as he shared an incredible opportunity. As I listened, I considered enrolling in a PhD program so I could do the same. He told our dinner party that he was taking a semester away from his home campus to teach while traveling around the world. I told him several times, “I would love to do that.” I said it when he mentioned it. I said it when he shared the list of countries he would be visiting. I said it again at the end of the night.
As much as I was fascinated by his upcoming adventure, I knew I wasn’t in a position remotely close to his. I wasn’t a professor and had no desire to become one. My job wouldn’t allow me to travel the world, no matter how convincing I could be in drafting a proposal. However, as I write this blog, I can say that I learned a valuable lesson about embracing impossibility.
Some of you know that I am currently on a ship preparing to spend the next 100+ days sailing around the world, and yes, it is for a job. I didn’t have to start a PhD program. I didn’t have to switch careers. I was presented with the job of my dreams right where I was.

What we think is impossible or out of our range often isn’t. The key is having some faith and ensuring that all of our actions are true to our heart’s desires. It’s not enough to simply wish, we also have to work. It’s not enough to talk about your future, you also have to act toward that future. Your dreams were put in your spirit for the purpose of realization, not to taunt you. You have dreams so you can chase them, not be frustrated by them. What are you doing in your day-to-day activities to ensure that your dreams will be realized? What have you done in the last six months to get you closer to your goals? Embrace impossibility instead of running from it. Life is full of opportunities, but the great, seemingly impossible ones are for those who are brave, hard-working, and determined enough to embrace them.
You may be thinking that I am doing something very similar to what I’d heard. Admittedly, that would be a pretty good story. However, it gets better. Just two days ago, on Sunday afternoon, I sat in a room for the faculty and staff orientation. A huge smile spread across my face when the very professor I’d had dinner with nearly two years ago stood up and introduced himself. I’m not doing something similar. I am on the exact trip that I was so intrigued by nearly two years ago! Embrace what you consider to be impossible. Even if you can’t see how or when, what you deem to be impossible could very well be in your future.

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