Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Quotes and Clichés

I am a fan of inspiring quotes. I enjoy discovering new ways to encourage myself. Quotes are great when they serve their purpose of inspiring positive thinking or positive action, but be careful not to disguise a cliché as a source of encouragement.

What one person considers encouraging may be considered mediocre to someone else. The key is to determine what uplifts or benefits you. What quotes or mantras do you find yourself repeating? Do any of them create action or empowerment within you? Do you find yourself simply repeating quotes that your favorite teacher or the most positive person you know says? Inspiration is personal. Inspiration is tied to internal desires, goals, and personality traits. What one person finds uplifting may simply get a shrug from another. This doesn't indicate simplicity or complication. It merely suggests that we are motivated on a personal level, not a collective one.

Quotes I often hear people say don't motivate me. It doesn't mean they are not inspiring to the people who say them. All it means is that I am not motivated to think or act differently when I hear those particular quotes. This doesn't mean I am without recourse. It is my responsibility to discover my own source of motivation. It is my responsibility to seek out inspiration that truly moves me. Consider the things you say to yourself most often. Are they habitual sayings of no substance? Do you say them to excuse your responsibility? Are you excusing bad behavior or inaction? If your encouraging quotes mirror clichés and have stopped eliciting a response from you maybe it's time for you to find new quotes that are more in line with who you are becoming and how you wish to grow.

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