Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stand Firm

Athletes, actors, and entertainers live in the glow and heat of the spotlight. When they make a decision, whether it pertains to their career or not, there is a public reaction. If they succeed or fail, there is a spike in conversation on television, the radio, and online. Although the majority of us will never live with such an intense level of scrutiny, watching the fallout that celebrities face can serve to remind us of our need to stand firm when pursuing our dreams.

In order to live the life you seek, it is vital for you to keep your lifelong goals in the forefront of your mind. When you remain focused on your goals it increases the likelihood that you’ll make purposeful decisions. Maintaining focus will also decrease the likelihood that you will allow setbacks or critical comments to throw you off course. Equally important, if you focus on what you are working towards, you will not become complacent because some are enamored with everything you do. Sometimes you can be surrounded by so many well wishes that you start believing your own hype. Just as negative comments shouldn’t deter you, encouragement shouldn’t lessen your productivity.

Failure to stand firm can result in a shift in your behavior due to both criticism and compliments. Words of others cannot negatively impact your level of commitment or dedication. Whether people shout their doubts or sing your praises, stand firm in your pursuit. Glean only the useful information from what others believe about you and most importantly, stand firm in what you believe about yourself.

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