Tuesday, April 17, 2012


A momentous occasion took place this week. My grandparents celebrated sixty years of marriage. Sixty years! As I looked at all who gathered to wish them well, I couldn’t help thinking about how the decisions of two people have impacted so many. While there are many reasons why their lives have been so influential, one of the most notable has been their choice to live out their commitment.

You don’t have to go far to hear news of people opting out of commitments. Marriages don’t last. Student athletes transfer to different schools. Employees leave jobs and careers. Consumers trade in cars and electronics for the latest models. We are no longer encouraged or even expected to commit. When we are no longer satisfied or happy, we seek out new ways, people, and things to provide us with what we think we’re missing. I’m not suggesting that we never need to change our direction, but there are times when what we’re missing isn’t external. Sometimes we need to commit to ourselves in order to live our best lives.

My grandparents made a commitment to one another, their marriage, and their family. Sixty years later my family and I benefit because of their actions over the last 21,900 days. What would happen if you committed to anything for sixty years? What would you achieve for your family? What if you made a commitment to reach your greatest self for even sixteen years? I am grateful to my grandparents for making such a great choice. They committed to one another and that commitment is influencing lives more than sixty years after they said, “I do”.

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