Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Meaningful Friendship

We hold certain expectations for people because we learn who to count on for different things. We know who to go to for encouragement, giggles, travel adventures, venting sessions, a night out, a night in, dating advice, or a good debate. While this is healthy, we must be careful. Over time we can easily slip from appreciation to expectation and take those who invest in us for granted.

Think about your friendship gestures or the ways you express your love. Whether you show love with gifts, time, physical affection, encouragement, or with thoughtful deeds, you do so because you deem that particular expression to be valuable. You give what is valuable not because you don’t need it—you give it because it is your best.

Now, consider those in your life. They show their love in different ways. You may have a particular friend who gives amazing gifts or who sends cards just because. You may have another friend who is present to celebrate every occasion. There could be someone else who has a kind, inspiring word or a loving embrace even when you don’t know that you need it. In different ways, your friends give you what they deem to be valuable, not what they have in excess. Those who provide laughter need cheer. People who exude strength need to be strengthened. Listeners need to be heard. Those who provide meaningful friendship also need meaningful friendship.

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