Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Life Storms

The majority of the country has been put it in its place due to Mother Nature flexing her muscle. Snowfall and dangerously frigid temperatures sent cities to their knees as schools, businesses, and interstates shut down for two days. 2014 is a force and it's only week one.

Intentions are at an all-time high every January. Resolution fever takes over so everyone is eating better, working out, reading more, living in the moment, etc. Resolutions aren't a bad idea. Whatever inspires positive change is beneficial. The problem is that resolutions are hard to sustain if they aren't motivated by more than the flip of the calendar. The reason for the change has to be larger than habitual thought and behavior. Even when motivation is high, circumstances impact the success of a lifestyle change. As 2014 has already proven, circumstances can change drastically and quickly. How will you handle your plans when life doesn't seem to cooperate?

When you decide to make progress, life will not necessarily roll out the red carpet. You may have to push, pull, drag, and kick your way to improvement. This isn't because life is conspiring against you or because you made a wrong choice. At times, we are living out consequences of our past. At times, there are more lessons. At times, life simply happens. Whatever the case, taking your life from good to great is a lifestyle and will require a lifestyle change. It will require commitment, again and again. What is not beneficial is wasting energy convincing yourself that life is being cruel. No matter what is thrown your way, focus your attention on what is in your control. Focus on your decisions, your actions, and the messages you repeat to yourself. When storms come—and they will—adjust, make preparations, stand your ground, and remain committed to your success.

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