Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You Have Worth

Words absolutely do have meaning. The phrases that we say to ourselves carry significant weight. Don’t believe me? Think about those miraculous days when your hair fully cooperates, your clothes fit exquisitely, your color scheme accentuates your skin tone, and that spritz of cologne/perfume sets everything off perfectly. You look in the mirror, smile, and say, “I look good!” That short realization changes your mind. You walk with your head held high. Confidence oozes from the rhythm of your stride. You smile more. You feel better. All from a single acknowledgement. One positive, encouraging, affirming statement influences your walk and what you think of yourself. Imagine what has happened internally as a result of the messages you have been telling yourself, day after day, for years. What do you say most often? Think about it for a moment.

I wish I was prettier.
I’m fat.
I’m lazy.
I’m not smart.
I hate my thighs/nose/height.

Whether you realize it or not, the messages you replay in your mind influence you. They impact the way you walk and how often you smile, but even more vital is that what you tell yourself dictates what you think you deserve. It’s not enough to walk with your head held high only on the days you feel like being kind to yourself. It’s not enough to only smile on the days you feel extra attractive. It’s not enough to accept the least that people give because that’s what you have convinced yourself that you deserve. No matter how attractive, smart, or deserving you feel, that does not equate to worthiness. Your worth is not conditional. You are worth positive reinforcement, kindness, and love simply because you exist.

Most have been hearing and telling themselves cruel messages for years. If that’s you, let’s start with something simple. If you have difficulty complimenting yourself then start by saying, “I have worth.” You don’t need a reason or a justification. You don’t need to add anything more. Simply put, you have worth.

You, yes you, have worth. Even in your non-perfect, still improving state, you have worth. Even if you want to lose weight, gain some muscle tone, or grow your hair out, you have worth. Even if you want to, but haven’t become a spouse, a parent, or a college graduate, you have worth. Even if your family constantly compares you to someone else, your friends seem to have more of life figured out, or you can’t seem to get out of a slump, you have worth. No matter how far you feel from your goals, what others have said about you, or how others have treated you, you still and always will have worth. Make sure that the messages you tell yourself, the phrases you replay in your mind, confirm your worth instead of chipping away at it, one negative comment at a time.

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