Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A New Narrative

I get a kick out of hearing my grandmother talk about me as a toddler. She chuckles as she says that I didn’t need to be entertained and then shares examples of my independence. Her trip down memory lane usually ends with her telling me, “You’ve always been that way.” 

My grandmother’s reflection is harmless, but the narratives people recite can usher in stagnation. Repeatedly hearing what we’ve always done or who we’ve always been may lead us to believe that we are unable to create a new narrative for ourselves, even when we desire change. Maybe you were told you have always been a quitter. Perhaps people constantly remind you that you made bad relationship or financial decisions. Even if some truth exists in the reminders of others, even if you are certain that your behavior supports those statements, you still have the power to create a new narrative.

One of the greatest benefits of tomorrow is the ability to create change. You are not required to meet expectations based on the past. Maybe you quit more than you should. Maybe your past is filled with questionable relationship or financial choices. No matter what your past reveals, you have the power to create a different future. You do not have to live out the familiar, old, and repetitive narrative that others—including you—insist on replaying. Give yourself the room you need to grow. Create change by believing you are capable of change. Create change by creating a new narrative of yourself, for yourself.

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