Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Living with Enthusiasm

Turner Field in Atlanta, GA
A friend and I went on a tour of Turner Field, home to the Atlanta Braves Major League Baseball team, and we had the most amazing tour guide. He was clearly knowledgeable about Turner Field and Atlanta Braves history, but it was his enthusiasm that was most refreshing. He shared anecdotes not only about the Braves, but about Major League Baseball and the city of Atlanta. His zeal led me to question how I impact those I encounter, even in ordinary situations.

As we go through daily routines it can be easy for us to pay more attention to the stresses that accompany work. It could be an unsupportive boss, office politics, being undervalued, having unreasonable demands placed upon us, and other sources of anxiety related to being employed. As exciting as it may be to work for an organization like the Atlanta Braves, our tour guide has some source of job-related stress, but it was not evident during the time he spent with us. He performed his job with pride and pleasure. On the surface it appears that he was only leading a tour of a sporting facility, but his demeanor left an impression on me.

We aren’t always sure how our behavior impacts others. Our tour guide may think he was simply doing his job, but his temperament will prompt me to be more mindful of my attitude. His energy will remind me to pay more attention when I encounter others in seemingly mundane situations. His appreciation for his job will help me to be more appreciative of my time, no matter how I spend it. While giving me a tour filled with historical facts and figures, my tour guide taught me that living with enthusiasm is more influential than living in a state of apathy. When we elect to live life half-heartedly we reflect and attract colorlessness, and ultimately risk becoming forgettable.

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