Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Being Different

I’ve often felt different. I pictured most people living in a straight line. I viewed them on a path with a slow, yet steady incline. When I pictured my life, there was no solid line. I saw exclamation points. I saw waves, catapults, and smiles. I saw vibrant colors and musical notes.

Before I grasped the greatness associated with being unique I identified more closely with isolation. I felt alone in my view of the world and my place in it. My identification with isolation pushed me further into seclusion because I wasn’t comfortable being so different. When asked about my goals, I gave watered-down answers. They weren’t lies, but they weren’t complete. I feared that others would point out all of the reasons why my dreams weren’t realistic and force me to justify my choices. Essentially, I equated justifying my choices with having to justify myself.

Over the years I’ve come to learn and appreciate who I am. I am now thankful that I’m driven to do more than what my environment and my past would normally permit. This is not something that requires justification. It simply is. I needed to find the courage to not only embrace me—in all of my uncommon characteristics—but also to embrace my enthusiasm for creating a life that is tailor-made for me. What I select to usher in happiness may not reflect other people’s definition of happiness. Thankfully, I am not responsible for ushering in what will bring other people happiness. I am responsible for pursuing what is best for me just as you are responsible for pursuing what is best for you.

You may have a dream that is completely out of the realm of perceived possibility. You may envision a life that is several deviations from what you’ve seen. If you feel it within your being then you owe it to yourself to have the courage to pursue it. Being different is not always easy, but it is definitely more fun to see the world in color and musical notes than straight lines and inclines.

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