Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What Are You Accepting?

Every single day we are given the opportunity to begin again. We may wake up in the same home, take the same route to the same job, and have the same three restaurant options for lunch, but our choices dictate the course of our lives. What we accept for ourselves and from ourselves determines how we live.

Acceptance is a powerful concept. Obviously if you are asked if you want something and you say yes, you have accepted it. Yet if you are presented with something and you don’t refuse it, that is also acceptance. Let's say you have a job that is not maximizing all of your skills and talents. Remaining in that job over an extended period of time indicates that you have accepted that job...until you take steps necessary to move forward. Likewise, if you remain in a relationship that is not emotional beneficial to you then you have accepted that relationship as a part of your life. What you accept for yourself determines how you live.

Some find satisfaction or feel better not making a decision, but choosing not to act is also making a decision. Not making a decision is choosing to accept your life as it is. Don’t be an inactive participant in your life. It’s yours and it's the only one you have!

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