Monday, October 10, 2011

Beauty of Today

While sitting with a group of coworkers I glanced out of the window and noticed a gorgeous sunset. This wasn’t an unusual occurrence since I'm traveling the world by ship, but I still got up and ran outside. While I am thankful to have a camera to record a limited representation of what I see, pictures cannot express the emotions I feel while watching the sun dissolve into the ocean. That feeling is what led me out of my seat and onto the deck. I never want to become so comfortable with seeing the sun set on the ocean that I no longer acknowledge its impact. When we fail to recognize the glory that exists in our every day we choose to ignore what should bring us the most gratitude.
During that same week of the sunset that I ran out to see, I was sitting in my room. I wanted to devote some time to journaling, yet hadn’t written a single word. I looked at the clock and knew that it was a prime time to run into a few of my coworkers. I considered continuing my staring contest with my journal, but thought about my life following this trip. I pictured myself sending emails or text messages to coworkers saying how much I missed the days we could simply go up or down a flight of stairs and be in each other’s company. I realized that my every day life is happening right now. Journaling is great, but not at the expense of living. I needed to remind myself to be present on this journey. All I have is today.
We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be so consumed with life that we fail to recognize the beauty of today. If you see an amazing sunrise or sunset take a moment to appreciate it. If you drive by a park and notice the myriad of gorgeous colors brought on by the fall season take a moment to admire it. If someone you love adds some sunshine to your life express your thanks. It is only when we’re present that we can fully experience gratitude. Fully experience each day you're given because today is the only day that matters.

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