Tuesday, March 25, 2014


There are circumstances where defense should be expected. Providing defense is normal and necessary to advance and win in higher education, sports, and a court room. Yet what's normal in those circumstances doesn't translate to a requirement elsewhere.

For reasons stemming from religious beliefs to social media protocol, we have been trained to defend everything and require others to provide a defense to us. We've bought into the idea so heavily that we assume those without a defense, those who lack a proper one—according to an arbitrary standard, or those who flat out refuse to provide a defense are out of line. After all, those who cannot or will not defend their choices are making choices that are invalid or wrong, right?

I have made many unconventional choices. I've lived on a ship for 100 days on two occasions. I've relocated several times and didn't always have a job lined up. I haven't pursued marriage or motherhood which to some makes me less feminine, less fulfilled, or simply, less than. However, my choices have brought much more to my life than I ever anticipated. As interesting, outlandish, and unusual as they may seem, my choices were right for me then and continue to sustain me now. I'd much rather spend my time and energy planning my next adventure than defending my adventure.

Those who require a well-versed, eloquent explanation will not hear your heart. Those who demand traditional, scripture-laden reasoning cannot feel your spirit. Those who need to be convinced of your relevance do not completely see you. This is your life. It is not a dissertation. It is not a game. It is not a trial. If you are confident in your choices, live in that confidence. Trust yourself and know that you are not required to justify, explain, nor defend. You have value. You have worth. Your life matters simply because you exist and there is no defense needed for that.

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