Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Artist

Map of the world tattoo
Tattoos have become a much more common expression of creativity. Having them is no longer linked to a negative past or future. Ink has splashed into all occupations, economic backgrounds, and personality types. Millions from various walks of life have sat through the temporary pain—and paid a lot of money—in order to be permanently marked and forever changed.

Consider how many people would have tattoos if they had to be self-administered. If we were required to inject the ink into our own skin, not nearly as many would have body art. We wouldn’t have the mental strength to even consider it and of those containing the courage to begin, most would be more focused on the pain instead of the end result and fail to complete it. Interestingly, it is easier to endure pain when someone else is applying it.

We all have blank or incomplete canvases in certain areas of our lives. We wish we had a better profession, more education, the ability to save more money, a more solid social circle, a healed relationship, or better emotional health. Some of us simply need a serious boost in overall personal satisfaction. Most often, our largest roadblock is our focus on the temporary discomfort instead of the end result. We know what it takes to create a better future—working harder, taking that class, having financial discipline, leaving our social comfort zones, making/accepting that apology, reconciling our past, etc.—but we are so fixated on the temporary uncertainty that we can't create the permanent change we need and desire most. Our own fear prevents us from creating a beautiful and honest depiction of who we are. Instead of canvases of trust, contentment, and love, we are walking expressions of insecurity, worry, and doubt.
Life requires us to do more than simply sit in a chair and pay someone else to do the work. Real change demands that we not only endure pain—we must also be engaged in the process of change. We must be the artists in our own lives.

What way(s) would you like to change your life? How do you want to permanently mark yourself for greatness and increase? You can’t pay an artist to create the masterpiece that is your life. You are the artist! You have the brush, pen, tattoo gun, voice, intellect, and willpower. It is in your hands. It is up to you to create who you are and not what you used to be. It is up to you to create your future and not relive your past. It is up to you as an artist to create a canvas reflective of your strength, character, and love. Create your life to be a reflection of the work of art that it is.

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