Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Update the Vision

Vision board
Rest in peace, vision board
A few years ago, there was a big push for the creation of vision boards. The philosophy behind it suggested that there was encouragement and accountability in visually focusing on the aspects of life we want for ourselves. Having created a vision board and displaying it in my bedroom I can attest that it was effective in providing motivation and a mental kick when needed. However, I recently looked at my vision board and that same impact I initially had faltered. It became more of a fixture and held the significance of something nice and nostalgic to view. I couldn't hang it up. It no longer served its purpose. It was time to update the vision.

With no fanfare or a second look, I walked my vision board out to a dumpster and let it fly. In order to update the vision I needed to release the last one. It was created years ago—prior to a life-changing trip around the world, prior to the death of my father, prior to the restructuring of my circle of support, prior to relocating, prior to getting a new job. That vision board was created during a time when my life resembled nothing that it does today. My vision needed to change because my life changed.

Have you thought about a vision for your life? I'm not referring to that generic, simplistic, contrived answer we supply because we've flipped to a new calendar year. I'm talking about an intentional, focused, and purposeful time of reflection. It's amazing that we can set and follow vision and mission statements for the organizations and companies we work for or serve, but when it comes to setting personal directives to guide us through our lives we are satisfied with essentially 'winging it'. We get up, day after day, living habitually instead of purposefully. Let's commit to at least being as focused—and work our way up to becoming more—on self-improvement than we have been when following the vision of the leadership at our workplaces.

Take the time to create or update your vision. You are worth more than a habitual life; you are worth a purposeful life. Your life is entirely too meaningful to live in anything less than purpose. Think on purpose. Dream on purpose. Live on purpose. But first, before you can live on purpose you must update the vision.

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