Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Expect Greatness

Life can be drastically altered in seconds. Most often we think of drastic alterations as illness, an accident, or the death of a loved one. However, how long does it take for life to change in our favor? How long does it take for us to get that one phone call, message, or letter letting us know that what we hoped for is on the horizon? Life can be drastically altered in seconds, but not only in tragedy and pain. There are times when we are simply moments away from stepping closer to personal fulfillment. 
Expectation requires us to believe in an occurrence that hasn’t happened. It is associated with our ability to imagine. Unfortunately, most either expect negativity or nothing at all. The avoidance of disappointment has hindered many from believing in or expecting greatness. 
Maybe you allowed yourself to believe in a relationship that failed. Maybe you let your hopes run wild for a job that you didn’t get. Maybe you have had hardship after hardship so you refuse to hope for anything better. Disappointment can be painful, devastating, and even embarrassing. However, disappointment does not have to get the last word. Disappointment only wins when we are so fearful of feeling it again that we stop believing. When we refuse to believe that our lives will improve, we give up hope, and giving up hope is dangerous.
If expectation requires imagination why not expect something favorable instead of something to be feared? Life can change in a moment. I challenge you to expect positive change. I challenge you to consider that you are on the brink of the life you seek. I challenge you to use your imagination in your favor by expecting greatness.

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