Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Power to Choose

Having options moves most into trepidation and angst. So many are afraid to make the wrong choice that they would actually prefer not having to choose. However, having options can be the greatest source of liberation you’ll ever experience.

While in high school I only applied to three colleges. Not one of them was my dream school. My dream school was across the country, expensive, and in my teenage mind, too difficult to pursue. I used distance and finances as excuses not to try. I didn’t want to make a difficult choice so I didn’t allow the more expensive, ambitious, and exciting school to even be an option. I allowed my fear to make that decision for me. After reflecting on that experience, I promised myself to make my own decisions.

When you find yourself facing major decisions, don’t give fear a louder voice than your own. Fear isn’t kind or considerate. If you permit it to lead your choices, fear will eventually rule over you. See choices as opportunities, not threats. When facing a range of options, treat it as freedom instead of confinement. When given several courses of action, allow your mind the space it needs to be receptive instead of unresponsive.

Having the freedom to choose grants you with the ability to elevate your life. What’s even more terrifying than having to make a decision? Having no options. What’s even more frightening than having the freedom to create an amazing, exciting life track? Not having the freedom to live life larger and fuller than it is today. Embrace the power associated with having choices. It is your ticket to living the life of your dreams.

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