Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Try-Umph Travels: Honduras

Seven of us got off the ship in Roatan, Honduras, and headed to Marble Hill Farm, an eco-lodge tucked away on the eastern side of the island. I was immediately struck its beauty. Bright variations of greenery surrounded and filled the property. It was lovely. Panoramic views from several vantage points overlooked the property and a beautiful bay. The ocean slowly rolled which helped to emphasize tranquility and its sparkling shades of blue.

Our group decided on Marble Hill Farm partly because of its beauty, but also because it offered kayaking. I had never kayaked, but thought it would be fun to try. Travel seems to suppress my inhibitions. We got into our kayaks and headed toward the reef.  As soon as we reached a good pace it started to rain. I don’t mean drizzle. It was a downpour! The harder it rained the harder we laughed. We were getting soaked, but we were so amused by the ridiculousness of it that we sat out on the bay for a while. When we returned to the lodge some fellow travelers told us that our laughter traveled across the water. They got a kick out of hearing us laugh during the deluge. I’m sure as I reflect on all of my travels my first kayaking experience will stand out as one of my favorite memories.
The next morning we were treated to another benefit of Marble Hill Farm. They make their own jellies and jams so we had a tasting for breakfast. Fruit and freshly baked bread accompanied the jelly and jam explosion. It was not only delicious, but it was also fun to start the day sampling so many flavors. There was guava butter jam, hibiscus jelly, apple banana butter, plum jelly, key lime pineapple jam, mango orange jam, and a few others. My favorite was probably the guava butter jam.

The weather was less extreme so we headed back out into the bay. Some snorkeled. Some kayaked. One of my friends found a huge starfish that she named Henry. She carefully lifted him out of the water and we all held him. He was gorgeous. It looked as if someone painted and polished him. As I sat in that kayak on day two I was flooded with peace and gratitude. It felt great to sit in the midst of such quiet splendor and simply breathe. I will fondly remember Roatan for its magnificent colors, calming breezes, roaming geckos, and radiant peacefulness. Next stop, United States.

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