Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Perfect Timing

I’ve often thought about how timing seems to unfold in a way that is nothing less than perfect. My four month time-out from life has been no exception. It came at a time when I absolutely needed to walk away. While I knew that the timing was perfect for me going in, I failed to recognize how the timing of this trip would coincide with the lives of the people I would meet. Now that I am more than halfway done with my adventure I am starting to understand why certain people are here right now, with me.

On this trip alone I have heard many versions of the same scenario. One minor detail and this person wouldn’t have been able to come. One slight change and that person would have committed to another job. A phone call a week later and one of my favorites wouldn’t be here. Timing has been instrumental in determining who shares this experience together and who does not.

Our lives are not independent. Our lives are interconnected. Those who are not willing to listen inwardly for your own sake should consider how your life path influences the lives of those around you. If we don’t do our part individually it can negatively impact lives that are intertwined with ours. We not only need to take care of our personal business for our sake, but also because there are other people depending on us in order to grow.

Consider the relationships you’ve developed in seemingly random circumstances. Think about the friends you have gained when you weren’t even trying to. Your life is not accidental. It’s not haphazard. There is deliberate timing involved and a large part of that is influenced the relationships you invest in and the people you grow with. Make sure you are doing your part because what you do influences the paths of others.

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