Friday, April 1, 2011

Smile Free

Smile Free
She smiles, but I know better
Bad choices are her drug
Accepting unhealthy connections
On an unquenchable quest for love
My heart fills with gratitude
Knowing that her past and mine are the same
Because my journey turned me toward the light
And she simply can’t walk through her pain
I am thankful to be centered and whole
Following the passage through my truth
Truth that I can recall and not crumble
Truth that gathers around her neck like a noose
I hope for the day when she stops pretending
That her pain hasn’t become her priest
The day when she can look at truth and really smile
Smile big and smile free

The 'she' in this poem refers to no one specific. I wrote it thinking of the many stories I've heard and people I've met who have had a childhood experience similar to my own, but years later can't seem to cope. I've met some where the lack of coping skills are obvious and they live destructive lives. I've met others where the impact is less obvious, but it is still present. This poem is for all of them, no matter where they fall on the spectrum.

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