Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Thank You

I haven't written a new post in a few weeks and it doesn't feel as unusual or induce the guilt that missing just a single week used to produce. In fact, it feels satisfying and freeing because I have been in a transition. For the last few months, as I would sit down to organize my thoughts, I realized that my voice changed and what I had to say no longer fit within the confines of my 3-4 paragraph format. I began to long for something more than Try-Umph provided.

I appreciate everyone who has been on this journey with me. Try-Umph has seen me through a voyage around the world, the loss of my father, a relocation to Michigan, a deeper appreciation for the growth needed in order to set and stand by healthy boundaries, a relocation to California, and intense gratitude at having the support of others as I experienced those changes. Yet part of me sought more. There were times I wanted to delve deeper, push further, and be more firm. I kept my language and tone soft and supportive when writing posts like News and More Strength when I wanted to spew out a string of words that would make a sailor blush because that's what I felt having to even to write such and get over so much.

Yet I fluctuated between not feeling ready and knowing that this was not the proper venue. I needed to wait for more and prepare for something else. I listened. I waited. I held off. I shared what would be helpful and encouraging, but reserved the rest because I knew more was on the horizon.

Whether you've been reading since 2011 or you've been sporadically checking out Try-Umph, thank you. I couldn't have reached as many people without you. It has been challenging, exciting, rewarding, strengthening, reassuring, and fun to force myself to write something worth sharing over the years and ultimately, to recognize that my life was worth sharing. Keep reading and passing on the posts that resonate with you. Encouragement is timeless and we all need it over and over and over again. 

Continue taking responsibility for your choices and making good ones. Continue believing in your worth and value. Continue intentionally living a life of purpose, love, peace, and triumph. I promise to do the same.


Myla Denise